4 Wooden Toys that Can Boost Sales at Your Toy Shop

If you're the owner of a toy shop and are looking for more ways to increase sales, then it may be time to think about updating your inventory. Wooden toys have been around for centuries, but modern wooden toys offer a fun twist on classic designs that could result in an uptick in customers. Here are four wooden toys that you can add to your shelves and see the results.

1. Wooden Building Sets

A fantastic way to get kids excited about construction is with wooden building sets. With this type of toy, kids can easily snap together different pieces and create anything from houses to aeroplanes without ever having to worry about losing pieces or making mistakes. Plus, since these sets often come with extra pieces, it's easy for kids to add more creative touches as they go along.

2. Wooden Dollhouses

Dollhouses have become increasingly popular over the years, and now many parents are searching for wooden dollhouses made from sustainable materials like bamboo or corkwood. Not only do these toy homes look beautiful when put together, they also don't contain any of the nasty chemicals that some plastic options do, making them safer for little hands.

3. Educational Puzzles

Puzzles have long been a favourite among kids of all ages, and now there are even educational puzzles available that help teaches math skills while offering hours of entertainment. Look for wooden puzzles shaped like animals or buildings that come with numbers or letters printed on each piece so kids can piece them together while learning their ABCs or counting.

4. Art Supplies

Finally, art supplies made from wood make great gifts for budding artists. From paintbrushes made out of bamboo handles to coloured pencils crafted out of sustainable woods like walnut or cherrywood, there are lots of options available when it comes to eco-friendly art supplies.


Adding these five wooden toys into your store will give customers more options when shopping around, as well as show them you care about sustainability and quality materials being used in the products you sell. Plus, these toys will be surefire hits amongst all age groups - from preschoolers all the way up through elementary schoolers. So what are you waiting for? Start stocking up on these modern wooden toys today and watch your sales soar. For more information about how it can increase your sales, contact a wholesale wooden toy supplier today.

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